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TBC Improv Games - Chain Murder Mystery

Number of Players: 4-5


All but one of the players leave the room (naive players). The remaining player gets three pieces of information from the audience:

  1. Location
  2. Occupation
  3. House-hold item

One of the naive player enters and the non-naive player must convey the three items - in order - using only mime and gibberish. Once the naive player thinks they have worked out one of the items is, they signal to the non-naive player; the non-naive player progressing to the next item. Once the naive player has guessed the "House-hold Item", they use it to kill the non-naive player; at this point a new naive player is brought out and the sequence repeats again. Once all players have played, the players line up in order of first out to last out (in theory, most knowledgeable to least of the three items). The players then state what they thought each item in turn was, from the "least" to "most" knowledgable.

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