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TBC Improv Reviews / Awards

A comprehensive collection of reviews and awards the troupe have received over the years!


Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sell-out 2017
(Absolute Improv!)

Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sell-out 2016
(Absolute Improv!)

Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sell-out 2015
(Absolute Improv!)

Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sell-out 2014
(Absolute Improv!)

Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sell-out 2013
(Absolute Improv!)

★★★★★ - 5 Star Reviews

"Absolute magic!"
Cream of the Fringe, 2012
Full Review (page 47) >>

"One of the best improv troupes I've ever seen and certainly worth checking out"
Prague.TV, Prague's City Guide 2012
Full Review >>

★★★★ - 4 Star Reviews

"Wonderfully random and highly amusing."
Latest7 Magazine, 2014
Full Review >>

"Getting hysterical laughs from both adults and children."
Three Weeks, 2013
Full Review >>

"Their high energy and sharp interactions produced clever dialogue, as well as a physically entertaining show"
Three Weeks, 2013 (Absolute Improv Stories!)
Full Review >>

"A fine troupe of nonsense-mongers and a definite destination for lovers of improvised comedy"
Edinburgh Spotlight, 2013 (Absolute Improv Stories!)
Full Review >>

"Brilliantly performed show"
Three Weeks, 2012
Full Review >>

"Extremely quick-witted and intuitive"
Broadway Baby, 2012
Full Review >>

"Skilled, agile and enthusiastic"
Broadway Baby, 2012 (Absolute Improv Stories!)
Full Review >>

"The audience was rocking with laughter"
Fringe Review, 2012
Full Review >>

"Had me laughing uncontrollably"
Edinburgh Spotlight 2011
Full Review >>

"If you can't remember the last time you laughed out loud while brushing away your tears, then you should go and see the troupe's next show."
Impulse Magazine 2011
Full Review >>

Other Reviews

"I thoroughly recommend this show as a fun way to spent hour at the Fringe"
Alex Watts, Buxton Fringe Reviews, 2016
Full Review >>

"Pure nonsense and absolute fun."
Ian Parker Heath, Buxton Fringe Reviews, 2015
Full Review >>

"An ‘Absolute’ Fringe gem."
Emma Hughes, Buxton Fringe Reviews, 2014
Full Review >>

"You-had-to-be-there comedy at it's very best"
Prague Film & Theater Center, 2014
Full Review >>

"A pleasant hour of manic comedy"
Prague Fringe Tumblr, 2014
Full Review >>

"A very entertaining night out"
Ariane Dean, Buxton Fringe Reviews, 2013
Full Review >>

"Friendly, agreeable, amusing entertainment"
Robbie Carnegie, Buxton Fringe Reviews, 2012
Full Review >>

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